Fry Care

Until the fry are free swimming the male betta will take care of them, but after about 5 to 7 days after your fish spawn you will have to remove the male and take care of the fry yourself.

Betta fry are small and need very small food. Single celled organisms like paramecium make a good meal for the first few days. Commercial fry food is also available in squeeze tubes for young fry.

If your spawn took place in a potted tank then there will be a lot of little things in there for your fry to eat. Your spawn could have as much as 300 fry though and feeding all of them will require lots of food.

Once your fish are large enough they should be fed baby brine shrimp they should get that as a meal.

Since spawns can be so large, you will need to cull your fry as well.

By 2 months of age you will need to divide all your males apart and keep each one in its own jar, otherwise they will fight each other until none are left alive.

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