Chinese Algae Eater

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri
The Chinese Algae Eater, also called the Chinese Catfish is not really an algae eater, or a catfish. Infact, it's from India not China as well.

When young they can live together, but as they get larger they will become aggressive toward each other, though will live quite well with most other fish until that time. They may latch onto and suck off the slime coats of large slow moving fish like goldfish as well.

There are several fish which resemble the chinese algae eater, but this fish can be distinguished by its lack of barbells (whiskers) from its cousins.

There are two versions of this fish available. A light brown coloured one with a jagged line down his body, and a golden coloured one, which lacks this line. These fish have not been known to breed in captivity.

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