There are literally hundreds of types of goldfish. All goldfish stem from the same species and although they can look quite different they can all interbreed, although it is not recommended.

Below are some of the more common types and variations of goldfish which you will find in most pet shops.

  • Common - These look like a normal shaped fish. They can grow to be a foot or longer and will live about 15-30 years if well looked after. These are often sold as 'feeder fish' in pet stores.
  • Comet - These are very much like a common goldfish, but are skinnier and their fins are much longer.
  • Shubunkin - These fish are known for their colour. They are whitebodied with spots of yellow, orange, black and blue. It is the blue for which these fish are best known.
  • Fantail - These guys have double tails. If their fins grow very long they are called veiltails. Usually they are fat bodied fish which can grow 6 to 8 inches in length.
  • Ranchu - Also called lionhead. These fish lack a dorsal fin and have a head growth (hood). They are breed to be circular in shape, not long and sleek.
  • Oranda - A lionhead fish with a dorsal fin. They are most common as white fish with a red hood, but can exist in all shapes and colours.
  • Telescope eyed - These fish can have any body type, but they have large eyes which stick out somewhat like a telescope.
  • Bubble eyed - These fish have bubble sacs under their eyes. Usually without a dorsal fin as well. They can have any number of colours on their body as well.
  • Black Moor - A double tailed black fish with telescope eyes. Usually these fish will change to a red or silver colour once they are a dozen years old.
  • Pearl Scale - These fish have their scales look as though under each one is a small white pearl. They bulge out in the middle and are fatter then most other goldfish.
  • Pompoms - Small pompom type growths near their nostrils.

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